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Application for inclusion of actives

Companies need to inform the VMD of any active substances they wish to be considered for inclusion under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme. The information required is as follows;

  • Name of active substance - Standard English name, for herbs use the Latin species name, CAS number if confusion is likely.
  • Species to which the substance will be administered - Ornamental fish, pigeons, cage birds, terrarium animals (reptiles, amphibians, insects), small rodents (please specify hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, chinchillas, or others), rabbits, ferrets.
  • Indications - The name of the disease to be treated.
  • Route of administration - Specify topical, oral, or any other route.
  • The pack size - The maximum pack size that will be marketed.
  • The concentration of the active substance - Use standard terms of mg / ml, mg / tablet etc.
  • The directions for use - The dosage rate, frequency of treatment and any other information to be provided to the user.
  • Your justification for requiring this substance in the scheme - Provide information on alternative authorised products (or lack of), welfare issues if product were to be lost from the market, experience of safe use (including date of first use / length of time product has been on the market) and any other information you consider helpful. Please do not submit any studies or reports unless specifically requested. A short paragraph will usually be sufficient.
Last Updated: 21 January 2011

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