Register of Online Retailers

This register includes all online retailers currently registered with the VMD.

Below is the key to the Online Retailer Types.

Activity Key
Type of Retailer Description
SQP Online retailer that is an SQP retailer authorised by the VMD
VPP Online retailer that is a Veterinary Practice Premises (VPP) registered with either the VMD or the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons RCVS
Ph Online retailer that is a pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
Premises No Company name Type Of Retailer
2029043 A Coombs Pet Centre SQP
2036014 Animed Direct Ltd Ph
2045894 Banstead Village Vets VPP
2019988 BATA Ltd SQP
2045896 Beech House Vets VPP
2031474 Beeston Animal Health VPP
2041443 Black Cat Medicines Limited VPP
2029198 Bulldog Rescue & Rehoming Trust SQP
2012467 Carr's Billington Agriculture (Sales) Ltd SQP
2026100 Condorrat Veterinary Surgery VPP
2041251 Cura Healthcare Ltd VPP
2028793 Downe Veterinary Clinic VPP
2032488 Farr and Pursey Equine Veterinary Services Limited VPP
2043826 Harry Hall International Ltd SQP
2037635 Holmefield Farm Services Ltd VPP
2030014 Hyperdrug Ltd Ph
2041913 Itch Petcare Ltd VPP
2028449 Jollyes Petfood Superstores SQP
2033342 LCDA Pets UK Ltd VPP
2036693 Liskilly Vets Ltd VPP
2044369 Max and Min Veterinary Practice VPP
2022635 McCaskie Farm Supplies SQP
2044659 Meowve Teeside Ltd VPP
2041103 Murray Farmcare Ltd SQP
2039851 Pawheads VPP
2045890 Pee Dee Pets SQP
2034529 Pet Counter Ltd VPP
2033874 Pet Drugs Online VPP
2031267 Pets At Home Ltd SQP
2045318 Pets Magnet SQP