Register of Specific Manufacturing Authorisation Holders (NFABBA, ASCCA, AVA)

The following types of authorisation are known collectively as Specific Manufacturing Authorisations: Non-Food Animal Blood Bank Authorisation, Animal Stem Cell Centre Authorisation, and Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation.

NOTE: This register includes all of the above types of premises currently authorised by the VMD.

A Register of Veterinary-Only Specific Manufacturing Sites authorised to manufacture extemporaneous products for use under the cascade (specials) is available here

A Register of Veterinary-Only GMP Sites that manufacture, import, store or QC test authorised veterinary medicines or veterinary medicines manufactured under the Exemption for Small Pet Animals can be found here

Key to activity codes

Category Activity
AVA Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation
ASCCA Animal Stem Cell Centre Authorisation
NFABBA Non-Food Animal Blood Bank Authorisation
Company name Company address Auth type Auth no Inspection Date
Vaxxinova GmbH Anton-Flettner-Str 6 AVA 36245/8000 11/11/2022
The Royal Veterinary College, University of London Hawkshead Lane ASCCA ESCCA-007 12/05/2022
SAN Group Biotech Germany GmbH Muhlenstrase 13A AVA 33998/8000 09/11/2022
Ridgeway Biologicals Unit 1-3 Old Station Business Park AVA 17644/8000 22/06/2023
Pet Blood Bank UK Unit 21 & 22, Loughborough Technology Centre Epinal Way NFABBA 30549/8000 10/08/2022
Laboratorios Hipra SA Avda la Selva 135 AVA 17533/8000 16/02/2022
Filavie 20, La Corbiere - Roussay AVA 46470/8000 25/05/2018
Ceva Biovac 6 rue Olivier de Serres AVA 51007/8000 10/10/2019
Cell Therapy Sciences Ltd Unit 22 The Venture Centre ASCCA ESCCA-006 02/02/2022
BSA - Banco de Sangue Animal Lda Rua João de Deus 741 NFABBA NFABB004 07/09/2022
BSA - Banco de Sangue Animal Lda Lumbry Park NFABBA NFABB003 29/07/2022
BioDivide Limited 24 Lysander Road ASCCA ESCCA-019 07/12/2023
Biobest Laboratories Limited 6 Charles Darwin House ASCCA ESCCA-005 24/08/2023