Register of Specific Manufacturing Authorisation Holders (NFABBA, ESCCA, AVA)

The following types of authorisation are known collectively as Specific Manufacturing Authorisations: Non-Food Animal Blood Bank Authorisation, Equine Stem Cell Centre Authorisation, and Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation.

NOTE: This register includes all premises currently approved by the VMD.

Key to activity codes

Category Activity
AVA Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation
ESCCA Equine Stem Cell Centre Authorisation
NFABBA Non-Food Animal Blood Bank Authorisation
Company name Company address Auth type Auth no Inspection Date
Vaxxinova GmbH Anton-Flettner-Str 6 AVA 36245/8000 11/11/2022
The Royal Veterinary College, University of London Hawkshead Lane ESCCA ESCCA-007 12/05/2022
Ridgeway Biologicals Unit 1-3 Old Station Business Park AVA 17644/8000 22/06/2023
Pet Blood Bank UK Unit 21 & 22, Loughborough Technology Centre Epinal Way NFABBA 30549/8000 10/08/2022
Medivet Veterinary Group Ltd t/a Veterinary Blood Supplies Unit 4 Mowat Industrial Estate, Sandown Road NFABBA 30283/8000 22/06/2022
Laboratorios Hipra SA Avda la Selva 135 AVA 17533/8000 16/02/2022
Filavie 20, La Corbiere - Roussay AVA 46470/8000 25/05/2018
Ceva Biovac 6 rue Olivier de Serres AVA 51007/8000 10/10/2019
Cell Therapy Sciences Ltd Unit 22 The Venture Centre ESCCA ESCCA-006 02/02/2022
BSA - Banco de Sangue Animal Lda Rua João de Deus 741 NFABBA NFABB004 07/09/2022
BSA - Banco de Sangue Animal Lda Lumbry Park NFABBA NFABB003 29/07/2022
BioDivide Limited 24 Lysander Road ESCCA ESCCA-019 03/11/2020
Biobest Laboratories Limited 6 Charles Darwin House ESCCA ESCCA-005 24/08/2023
AniCon Labor GmbH Muhlenstrase 13A AVA 33998/8000 09/11/2022